My Go-To Makeup Basics

These days, when it comes to beauty products, there are so many options out there that it can be tricky and very easily overwhelming for a beginner to know where to start. It took me years and tubes of just about everything, but through trial & error, I’ve been able to pull together some of my greatest hits; the must-have, hassle free essentials for any beauty lover/makeup beginner!


#1 Foundation: Foundations that can double as a concealer for those tiny blemish days are generally my favorite. Particularly because you have the manageable option to apply a full face or control the tiny imperfections with lighter coverage! You can get shade matched at your nearest Sephora or beauty store to get a general idea as to what your perfect foundation shade is. There are fantastic foundations that can be found at the drugstore, such as the Milani 2-in-1 Foundation + Concealer and amazing high-end, like Clinique Beyond Perfecting Foundation + Concealer!


#2 Brow Pencil: Filling in your brows doesn’t need to be scary, especially when you’ve got the right tools! Using a brow pencil in the color closest to your roots is an easy guideline I like to go by when picking my color. I start by filling in the more sparse areas with a light hand, then going over the same areas with a spoolie to blend the color in for a natural, feathery look! My eyebrow weapon of choice is the Precision Brow Pencil by Colourpop! Easy to use, great quality and super affordable.


#3 Highlighter: The most fun you can have! Highlighters accentuate the areas that its applied to. I like to dew up my cheekbones to my temples and add a bit on my outer-brow bone and bridge or tip of my nose! You can even take a bit with your finger and apply it to the inner corner of your eyes for more of a pop to your look! This Haloscope highlighter by Glossier is so easy to use and gives a much more natural & refreshing glow as opposed to a more glittery sheen. You can apply as little or generously as you want and not feel like you’ve overdone anything!


#4 Blush: After you’ve applied your highlighter as desired, it’s time to have some fun with your blush! Personally, I go for the flushed, natural, just-got-outta-the-shower vibe. Blush brings that beautiful lively color back to your face! A little always goes a long way with any blusher and you can find amazing tones from drugstore brands like my favorite, e.l.f. Blushing Rose or high-end, like my other favorite, NARS Dolce Vita!


#5 Bronzer: This is one of my favorite steps in my easy makeup routine. Probably because it’s one of the most magical! Bronzer can look intimidating, but is actually very easy to apply when matched with the right brush (quick tip; I recommend using an e.l.f. Beautifully Bare Blending Brush cause it’s super affordable & blends like a dream!). Bronzer works best when used lightly and can always be built up for a more dramatic effect depending on what you’re aiming for, of course. I apply mine in the hollows of my cheeks up to my cheekbones and the edges of my forehead to even everything out. One of the best alternate uses is to apply your bronzer as a shadow for your eyelids, if you want some natural color for a more tied-together, but still effortless look. I love Benefit’s Hoola Matte bronzer for this!


#6 Mascara: Maybelline has always been able to appease my mascara needs and the best part of it is, not only are there so many fun variations to choose from, but they can be found in just about any general store beauty section for unbeatable prices! I grab mine from Target if I’m out and about or online at my fav, Hush for the all around convenience. I curl my lashes and then apply one coat at a time (on the upper & lower lashes!) until I reach that beautiful volume and length I desire for the day! I switch out my mascara every now and then, but can never go wrong with the classic to new gorgeous results in the variety of options offered by Maybelline!


That’s it! These are the best go-to essentials for a super easy everyday look that are even easier to achieve for anyone. I hope these tips & products help if you’re new at this whole makeup thing and have made it a little less stressful in figuring out where to start.

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