Beginner Tips for Better Brows

The most important part of your face are your eyebrows. Sure, you may have dark circles or even blemishes, but your eyebrows frame your face and they should always be on point. The best way to achieve perfect brows is by choosing a shape that is most suitable for your face.

The first order of business would be how much brow do you actually need to fill? Were you blessed with full brows and didn’t touch them like your mother told you to? Or did you roll your eyes and tweeze your brows in secret and now they wont grow back? Either way, we’re in this together and I have a list of products and tips for whatever brow you may have or aspire to have.

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Full Brows, Need Definition

Alright, so you were blessed with hair on your brows but you either want them darker, more defined, flash worthy or all of the above. Here are some tips and products you can use to add some dimension to your brows without having a product overload.


For brows that just need a touch of color and a bit of taming, Glossier’s Boy Brow will be your new best friend. Personally, I brush my hair maybe once or twice a week, but once you’ve got this baby in your hands you will definitely want to brush your brows daily. Watch out world, here comes the power brow.

Now, for brows that need a little bit more than just a comb through, a great staple to have in your makeup bag would be the NYX Eyebrow Cake Powder. It includes 2 different shades of brow powder and a clear brow pomade along with 2 tiny brushes that may be useful in a pinch. This product is especially great because you can create your own custom made pomade or use the powders all on their own. If you just want to darken your naturally fluffy brows a bit, I suggest using a thicker angled brush and some brow powder to add a little bit of color. I recommend using the Kat Von D Brow brush for the best application.


Sparse Brows, Need Rogaine… or not!

For thinner, more sparse brows you are going to need a pomade as well as a powder. You can go with the NYX Eyebrow Cake Powder or Makeup Forever’s Aqua Brow. I personally love the Aqua Brow because there’s nothing worse than your brow transferring onto your man’s shoulder or even worse, your eyebrows disappearing when you emerge from a pool. If you plan on getting into the water or don’t want to worry about accidentally scratching off have your eyebrow, I definitely recommend going with the Aqua Brow so those puppies stay put.

Now when you have to basically create a new set of brows everyday, you have the task of creating realistic hair strokes using a pomade/gel. It helps to use a super fine brow brush like the ELF Brow Brush Duo. A trick I do is to bend the spooly at a 60 degree angle so it’s easier to blend out those harsh strokes and give your brows that ombre effect. I then finish off my brows by setting them with a the Palladio Brow Powder or the previously mentioned NYX Eyebrow Cake Powder. This gives your brows a soft yet defined look and you are now ready to slay the day.

Okay brows, now let’s get in formation.


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